Not recommended for children under age 12!! ;)
Some scenes and topics might be upsetting to some.

Book 11

Chapter 1 - "Here comes the future!!"

Chapter 2 - " Andora"

Chapter 3 - "Oceans' legacy"
Chapter 4 - "First encounter"
Chapter 5 - "Ruins of ancient times"
Chapter 6 - "Tomb Raider"
Chapter 7 - "End of the adventure"



Tomorrow's world is finally coming!

6 years after the Great Reopening of the Sacred Door, humans and magic creatures are discovering each other more and more with the help of majinis.

But this reunion will force the world to see further than it thought."

Book 12

Chapter 8 - "Lost love"

Chapter 9 - "Moirai's lair"

Chapter 10 - "A clingy friend"
Chapter 11 - "Dangers in the kindergarden"
Chapter 12 - "A gift from Amazonia"
Chapter 13 - "Battle at the skating rink"
Chapter 14 - "Behind the silence"


Tomorrow's world is finally coming!

Fami and her friends are growing closer and closer to the moirai, the former apprentices of Dadia the Terrible.

Without suspecting a single instant who they're really dealing with, and what is woven in the shadow of the future...

Book 13

Chapter 15 - "Reven"

Chapter 16 - "Pride sin"

Chapter 17 - "The first trial"
Chapter 18 - "Temptation"
Chapter 19 - "The Taurus trial"
Chapter 20 - "Who is ugly?"
Chapter 21 - "The haunted house, part 2"


Tomorrow's world is finally coming!

In order to help the moirai to free themselves of their hatred, Fami, Mitrie and Malina offer them some very special trials.

Will it be enough, or will it worsen the situation?

Book 14

Chapter 22 - "6 years later..."

Chapter 23-1 - "The Hesperides garden 1"

Chapter 23-2 - "The Hesperides garden 2"
Chapter 24 - "Meanwhile..."
Chapter 25 - "Ojias and her demons"
Chapter 26 - "The Earth, under our feet"
Chapter 27 - "The Christmas egoism"



Tomorrow's world is finally coming!

While progressing to a new and encouraging future, residues of the past are becoming more and more apparent to the moirai and our firends.

Book 15

Chapter 28 - "First date"

Chapter 29 - "The Leo trial"

Chapter 30 - "Haaa... Love!"
Chapter 31 - "A stroll in Mount Fuji"
Chapter 32 - "The witch Mystik"
Chapter 33 - "Andora's kidnapping"


Tomorrow's world is finally coming!

Love and friendship are monopolizing more and more curiosity from the moirai.

But it won't distract them from their main objective...