Book 6
Chapter 32 - "The little intruder"
Chapter 33 - "More and more problems"
Chapter 34 - "A bitterly cold attack"
Chapter 35 - "Fristilly's heart"
Chapter 36-1 - "The great African lion"

Chapter 36-2 - "The great African lion"

Having fulfilled her dream, a new path opens for Fami, who decides to become an apprentice Majini.

With her friends, she will need to face new enemies who, just like the Terribles, oppose to the reopening of the Great Sacred Door.

Book 7
Chapter 37 - "The picture"
Chapter 38 - "A crazy race"
Chapter 39 - "Enough lies!!"

Chapter 40 - "Retirement home"

Chapter 41 - "The final test"
Chapter 42 - "The magic harp"
Chapter 43 - "Facing my enemy"

After all the changes that happened in the humans' world, Fami and her friends take up their tests again in order to become fully-fledged Majinis!

They will benefit from the support of numerous people, but will also need to face against the attacks of their enemies!

Book 8

Chapter 44 - "A magical day"
Chapter 45-1 - " The King's choice"

Chapter 45-2 - "The King's choice"

Chapter 46 - " Giving up on becoming... a Majini"
Chapter 47 - " The secret of the fourth seal"
Chapter 48 - " Soriana and Critania "
Chapter 49 - " The first queen of the Witch World"

While queen Hana attempts to convince all people of the Magic Kingdom of the benefits of the Great Reunification, the dark twins step up their bad deeds to ensure that plan fails!

Book 9

Chapter 50 - " A battle for the future"
Chapter 51 - "Well-deserved vacations"

Chapter 52 - " Daughter against mother"

Chapter 53 - "New paths, new house"
Chapter 54 - "The MAHODOU shop"
Chapter 55 - "A sad start of the school year"
Chapter 56 - "The rebellion of the fairies"

Although only two seals remain, the opening of the Great Sacred Door never seemed farther away!

Our Majinis find themselves dealing with a situation they never would have imagined!

Between betrayal and unexpected help, surprises will come one after the other!

Book 10
Chapter 57 - "Work for Diama"

Chapter 58 - " Tokyo Futura"

Chapter 59 - " Love, friendship and magic in the capital"
Chapter 60 - "The hidden face of the Magic World"
Chapter 61 - "The rainbow outfit"
Chapter 62 - " Revelations"
Chapter 63 - "The twins' wrath"
Chapter 64 - " To a new world"

The magic world reveals itself more and more to humans! The first conflicts and first fears emerge!

But the true and ultimate danger grows within the shadows...!

*Here, you can view my sketches for the creation of Magica Fami*
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