Magical Fami is a story inspired by the Magical Doremi series!
An anime created by TOEI ANIMATION

Big fan of this series, I created a story that is 50 years after the one that we know! The heroine is none other than FAMI, which appears in the OAV Naisho 13!

I used all the clues placed in series (like the queen Jou-Sama who search the sacred door connecting the human world to the witches! Hana must become queen!) To create a logical extension of the official history!

I also inspired by some fan art I could find on the Web to create new characters and enrich this story!
Particularly those of YAJIN and Keitaro13 (which itself had taken drawings Yajin ^^) and some ideas of the fanfic "Rainbow"!

Their creations have inspired me a lot and have been the trigger for this manga!

Alexandre JDO